6 Core Practices… #1 Use Routines to Start and Stay in the Target Language

I was not able to attend #LILL2015 this year but am learning through Twitter about some of the great work and ideas that took place.  In particular, I am interested in the 6 Core Practices and would like to examine and share ideas for each one over the next few weeks before school starts.

6 core

#1.  Use the target language as the vehicle and content of instruction.  How do you keep yourself and the kids in the target language at least 90% of the time?  Share your ideas here!  Routines help me and my students stay in the target language.  I start the very first minute, of the very first day of school, teaching the greeting and other routines.  Now is the perfect time to re-examine your routines.  Check out the ideas for some of my routines. Using Routines to Maximize Language Acquisition

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