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  1. Amanda Rassi


    I am a Spanish teacher in Central Illinois. I love the graphic you have on your blogpost from July 2015 and was wondering if you had access to the original JPEG file. I couldn’t get the links on the page to work. It’s the graphic of the map with the steps to proficiency. If you are the original creator of this, could I have your permission to make a copy for my classroom? If you aren’t the original owner, do you know from whom I may get permission? Thanks so much!

  2. Rebeca Peña

    Loved, loved, loved your workshop on Saturday at UW. I have started using the activity around the calendar and plan to add others. We have been very much a “grammar/vocabulary” department. I decided to “go out in a blaze of glory” OR…. that a chance on a really big crash and burn by drastically changing my teaching style this year. I signed up for National Boards as a “reason way.” So far so good.
    Here is my question: Where do I get those “dots” you used? You mentioned Walmart and $60. I found orange dots at Walmart, a set of 12, for much less. https://www.amazon.com/Champion-Sports-Poly-Spot-Marker/dp/B00HLBLR12 This is where I found something similar on Amazon for about $32. I am not worried about the price. Just want to get something that has been “tested” for our purposes.
    Thanks. I know how busy you must be. Becky

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